Partners of Warespace

Our closest corporate who make Warespace possible in the first place.

Company foundation

Cargo Digital World AG

Cargo Digital World AG is a leading technology company specializing in digital solutions for the logistics industry. With a strong focus on innovation and efficiency, Cargo Digital World AG offers a range of products and services that revolutionize processes in the logistics industry. From the automated management of supply chains to the optimization of delivery routes and the integration of artificial intelligence, Cargo Digital World AG is setting standards in the industry. The company's mission is to make logistics easier, faster and more sustainable for companies and customers.


Affiliated company

Cargoboard GmbH & Co. KG

Cargoboard is a leading platform for the digital transportation of goods. The company offers a user-friendly and innovative solution for companies of all sizes that need simple, fast and efficient logistics services. With Cargoboard, customers can track deliveries in real time, compare quotes and place orders directly through the platform. The company works closely with world-class logistics service providers to ensure a safe and reliable supply chain. Cargoboard is committed to sustainability and works to reduce CO2 emissions from delivery traffic. It is the smart choice for any company that wants to digitally optimize its logistics processes.


CargoCast GmbH & Co. KG

CargoCast is a leader in the field of digital supply logistics. With an advanced platform and an experienced team, CargoCast offers a variety of solutions for companies looking to optimize their supply chain. From real-time supply chain monitoring to automated route planning and the use of AI technologies, CargoCast is a true gamechanger in the industry.


Cargonative (Projektphase)

Cargonative is a digital freight and logistics management system that helps companies manage their global supply chains more efficiently. The platform provides a central interface that enables companies to manage transportation orders, track deliveries and communicate with logistics partners. In addition, Cargonative also provides various analytical tools and reports to optimize supply chain performance and efficiency.