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April 27, 2023

Success story: Contract logistics network revolutionizes logistics industry with innovative web application

Our experts made it possible

As one of the leading contract logistics networks, we have set ourselves the goal of transforming the logistics industry through innovative technologies and services. With our new web application, we have reached a milestone and are setting standards in the industry.

aWare System - One Dashboard - All Information

The web application provides an interface to over 120 warehouse locations, enabling our customers to keep track of their goods. AI predictions and inventory optimization allow us to ensure efficient warehousing while reducing costs.

Sustainability Report

Another highlight of the web application is the easy creation of the sustainability report. With just a few clicks, customers can create the report to transparently showcase their sustainability performance.


Transparency is another advantage of our web application. Customers have access to information on the storage, transport and delivery of their goods at any time. Communication between customers and logistics providers is simplified and accelerated by the platform.

Returns management

Returns management is also integrated into the web application and provides customers with instructions for logistics providers. This allows returns to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Our mission

With our innovative web application, we have revolutionized the logistics industry and established ourselves as a pioneer. We are proud to offer our customers a transparent, efficient and sustainable service.

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