Decentralized storage

Through digital networking, we offer you europe-wide decentralized storage via one interface - with one contact person.

“Warespace massively simplifies the management of the supply chain and logistics service providers.”

Uwe Fieselmann, Managing Director Koch International

27 countries

in europe

We create you access to any European country

Decentralized storage at Warespace


We offer access to a wide variety of locations throughout Germany. So you can have specific requirements, for example, for hazardous goods, or just access the German market on a large scale.


What applies to Germany also applies to Europe and beyond its borders. We provide you with the necessary areas for decentralized storage throughout Europe.

Quality promise

We guarantee consistent quality at all sites and safeguard this with regular audits.

Optimized storage

With empirical values, you optimize decentralized storage and bring your goods close to the point of need or point of sale even before shipping.

Sebastian Richter


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