Branding- & Mediakit

Use our logo and fonts for your web pages, posts and articles.

The logo mark

The logo mark acts as the identifying mark of the brand. The logomark is ideal for fav icons, social media avatars, stamps, wax seals, and stickers.

The Warespace logo mark consists of two intertwined square shapes resembling a chain or a packaging box. Through usage of negative space, the symbol also showcases the letters “W” and “S” thus incorporating the company’s name.

The two shapes used in the mark can be extracted and used as graphic elements.  The logomark can only be used in the  following colors: Eerie Black, Snow White  and the Warespace Gradient.


Warespace headlines are set in Noir Pro. When using Noir Pro to create headingson embedded or printed collateral for Warespace, always typeset it with optical kerning and set the tracking to 0. Do not set in all caps or all lowercase.

When using Noir Pro to typeset headings on the web, set the letter spacing to +1px for smaller headlines.

Typeset all text and paragraph textin Poppins. When using Poppins to set text on embedded or printed collateral for Warespace, always typeset it with optical kerning, set the tracking to -10. Do not set in all caps or all lowercase.

When using Poppins to typesettext on the web, set the letter spacingto 0px for normal paragraphs and1px for hero paragraphs.

Poppins Extra Bold and Poppins Blackshould not be used in conjunction with the Warespace brand

Heading 1
Aa Bb Cc

H1 Noir Pro Bold, 36/38

Heading 2
Aa Bb Cc

H2 Noir Pro Bold, 24/28

Heading 3
Aa Bb Cc

H3 Noir Pro Bold, 18/21

Heading 4
Aa Bb Cc

H4 Noir Pro Bold, 12/15

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere.

Paragraph Poppins Light,9 Spacing, 7/9

Core colors

Use these color proportions in any layout or collateral design. Red Crayola, Sizzling Red, Violet Blue and Slate Blue can be used as accent colors in the proportions shown on the right.

Use only black or white text on core colors as outlined on the right. Do not interchange the use of black and white text according to preference, as these color combinations are specifically approved for accessibility. Possible color-text combinations can be found in the attached “Warespace Color Palette” document. Do not use secondary colors for text.

Please see the attached “Warespace Color Palette” document for further information on contrasting, saturation and secondary colors.

EerieBlack / #202020
WarespaceBlue / #042F85
SlateBlue / #3B4FBF
VioletBlue / #5860DC
RedCrayola / #EF2E4E
SizzlingRed / #FF475D
QuickSilver / #A7A7A7
PlatinumWhite / #EAEAEA
SnowWhite / #FCFDFF


Button Text
CTA Primary
Button Text
CTA Secondary

Our logo

The logotype is ideal to be used when a more condensed design would suit the context best or when the logomark is already presented within a design, the logotype can be added to further brand or enhance the design.

The Warespace logo is composed of a logo mark and a logotype set in Noir Pro.

The horizontal logo is the primary logo and should be used in most instances. The stacked logo is for large-scale use. Avoid using at small sizes, as it can become illegible.

Clear space is the area surrounding the  logo that must be kept free of any other graphic elements. This exclusion zone  indicates the closest any other graphic  element can be positioned in relation to the logo. For the logotype and brand logo, the  minimum clearspace is determined by size  of the letter “P” within the logotype.

Always use the logo files provided. Do not re-create.

Warespace Logo und Name in Schwarz
Warespace Logo und Name mit Verlauf
Warespace Logo und Name in Weiß auf Verlauf
Warespace Logo und Name mit Verlauf und in Weiß
Warespace Logo Icon in Schwarz
Warespace Logo Icon in Blau
Warespace Logo Icon in Weiß
Warespace Schriftzug in Schwarz
Warespace Schriftzug in Blau und Schwarz
Warespace Schriftzug in Weiß
Warespace Schriftzug in Blau und Weiß


a. Any use of Warespace brand assets must conform to these guidelines

b. These guidelines may be modified at any time. Use of the Warespace brand assets constitutes consent to any modifications to the guidelines

c. Warespace has sole discretion in determining if use of the Warespace assets violates these guidelines

d. Termination: Warespace may ask that you stop using the brand assets at any time. In the event of termination, use of brand assets must stop within a reasonable period from the date of the request, and in all cases no more than 7 days from the date of the request

e. Reservation of Rights: Warespace is the owner of all rights in the Marks and reserves all rights save the limited license granted here. Use of the Marks pursuant to this license shall not be construed as limiting the rights of Warespace in the Marks


g. Contact us to request use of brand assets in a manner inconsistent with the guidelines or for any questions