aWare System for more transparency

With just one dashboard and one interface, you get access to all your inventory in over 120 locations.

“State-of-the-art web technologies are the key to efficient digitization in logistics.”

Bernd Schäflein, Board of Directors Schäflein AG



Access your inventory every day of the year.

aWare System


With just one interface, we provide you with access to all site systems. Whether storage or retrieval, transport or return: you have full control.


The mandatory sustainability report for companies is a challenge. Therefore, we have made it to our task to support your reporting with valid data, which you can directly adapt.


The dashboard gives you full transparency for your supply chain. Track not only the transport route, but also the processing in the warehouse. This enables you to provide highly qualified answers about the status of goods, for example, in the event of customer inquiries.

Stock optimization

With our aWare AI, we suggest inventory optimizations and select the ideal location. With intelligent compensation trips, we fill your warehouse during order peaks and reduce costs at the same time.

Sebastian Richter


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